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Kerri Freeman
Founder/CEO of Offerings Network

Kerri Freeman has been a Writer, Producer, and Photographer for over 20 years. She spent many years in the entertainment industry in front of the camera, as model, actress and radio personality, and is now the Creator and Producer behind the lens. Her heart for people has gone with her everywhere she has been in life, from New York City to LA, and many major cities in between.


Kerri has always been involved, loving and supporting others. She has volunteered at pregnancy centers, women’s shelters, and has assisted and led various ministries. She ran a homeless ministry out of her detached garage in Downtown San Luis Obispo, California for several years, and it was in SLO that she also ministered to families of inmates in the nearby prison. All this while raising her two children in Montessori and Christian schools.


Kerri taught a powerful Women’s Ministry Class, called The Five Aspects of Women, in Colorado Springs at New Life Church, and was a key component in  supporting ministries throughout Colorado, while producing a Christian television show. She managed talent, ran her photography studio, and led large event coordinating.


Many years ago, Kerri’s love for animals led her to have a small animal rescue in Kansas City, and she has always had a commitment to conserving the planet! She loves all people and creatures, great and small, and looks for any way to be a blessing to the earth!

Kerri’s educational background is in Broadcast Communications and Journalism. She currently owns and operates Success Imaging and Productions Studios in Branson, Missouri, where she works with entertainers, and leads people to greater success in their lives and careers. She counsels people in crisis on a daily basis, around the world, and has a vision for the world to be a much better place for all. She is currently in the process of finishing two eye-opening, life-transforming books!

Kerri is blessed to have two beautiful, God-loving children, and attends a beautiful Spirit-filled church in Branson.


Dr. Dale J. Smith

Head of Senior Community Outreach

Broadcast Personality/Public Speaker

Director of Music & Events


Dr. Dale Smith has spent his life educating, empowering, and encouraging others to be better than they could have imagined.


A retired Major in the United States Air Force, Dr. Dale spent 18 years in education, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, as a Vocal Music Teacher and went on to become High-School Principle. He was loved dearly by all!

He received his Doctorate from the University of Tulsa, and has added to history by writing, directing, and performing The Will and the Wind; A Musical History of Oklahoma.


In 1981 he and his wife founded The American Kids Organization with a dream of building integrity through entertainment within a safe value-laden family environment. American Kids, Inc is the only grassroots organization of it's kind. Referred to as the little league of entertainers, the organization stresses character development within a Christian context while using the performing arts as the vehicle. Among the values stressed are courage, commitment, dedication to family and country, loyalty and striving to be the best one can be with the gifts God has given. Blake Shelton, Darci Lynne, and Carrie Underwood are some alumni of the program.

Dr. Dale is an avid Golf Player who lettered at the University of Illinois. When he is not out touching lives or leading the church & community choirs, you can often find him on the beautiful golf courses of his current home town, Branson, Missouri, or visiting his beautiful daughter, Jackie, her husband Kevin, and their  lovely horse ranch.

Jody G Pic.jpg

Jody Godfrey

Secretary on Board

Staff Writer & Editor

Executive Administrative Assistant

Jody is an Oklahoma native and relocated to the Branson area in February of 2015. She has lived in Naples, FL and Palm Springs, CA as well as several locations in Texas and Missouri, having always brought a sweet spirit along with her!


Ms. Godfrey attended University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Christian colleges, respectively, majoring in Sociology and Business. Jody has a  rich and diversified career background inclusive of working as Administrative Assistant for the Special Education Assistant Superintendent of the Ponca City Public Schools, to being a freelance Health/Wellness Columnist and Special Sections Editor for Chesapeake Publishing on the East Coast. Later on, Ms. Godfrey recreated the wellness column (NutriLogics), this time for the Joplin Globe and The Carthage Press. Her columns wound up in 35 different publications throughout the US and the UK as well as in commercial ads.

Her position with Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation in Branson, Missouri (OACAC), has indeed been an eye-opener for Jody toward societal situations in general, but more importantly, has created an awareness of the accentuated poverty status in this area and an idea of what might help.

She fully understands and embraces the many “pseudo-causes” of poverty, but mainly proposes that the bulk of the symptomology  is stemming from manifestations of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She is wanting to create a certification process for people working in assistant programs, such as herself, to be able to “facilitate or talk” to these individuals regularly, to administer “PTSD First Aid” so they may be able to visualize a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. She aspires to shine a new light on those struggling and illuminate what a life COULD AND SHOULD BE!

Ms. Godfrey is married to Mark Godfrey and is the mother of two children: a daughter, Lisa, in Newark, DE and a son, Eric, residing in Pegram, TN. She is blessed with four grandsons!!

Jesse with Sony Vid Camera.jpg

Jesse Freeman

Executive Personal Assistant
Technical Consultant, Camera Operator
Chief Video Editor, Graphic Designer 

​Jesse Freeman graduated from Ignitium Christian Academy in 2017 and has been working with computers and  his family production company for several years now. He is proficient in film & photo editing, and is an excellent graphic artist.

He has created a YouTube Character and personality, and has been hosting live streams for the gaming community. His platform is

“Keepin’ It Clean” and he created a rating system to apply to YouTube videos, to create a safe environment for everyone.


He is currently working on a huge 3D animation project which he plans to launch in 2022.

Jesse is the backbone of Offerings. Without him to assist his mother, Kerri, she couldn’t have gotten half as far as she has. Jesse’s friends and family will tell you that there is not a kinder soul on this planet. He is always spreading warmth and happiness, and is helpful without hesitation.

Jesse is truly a blessing to everyone he meets. There’s not a person who meets him, who doesn’t instantly love him!

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The Team at Offerings has a profound desire to help and encourage others to live life to their fullest potential. Each of us has spent most of our lives working with, and founding organizations and ministries, which help to improve the quality of life for others. From education, to entertainment, to ministry, every experience we have had has led us here, TOGETHER, to positively impact as many people as we can. Our knowledge and God-given gifts are now an Offering to the World which we share from our hearts to every one of yours!

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