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Offerings Global Humanitarian Social Network Is Inspiring People To

Work Together To Lessen the Pain of  Poverty and Loneliness.

We Have Been Given A Big Vision, By A Big God, That Will Improve the Lives of All People,

 Bringing Unity Back to Communities, and Meeting Various Needs of Our Friends, Family and Neighbors.

  These Are Critical Times and We MUST Begin To Change Things NOW, Constructing a New Path and Mindset, So Society Can Become Healthier As a Whole and Survive Uncertain Times Ahead.

We are a Humanitarian Project, meeting basic survival needs, but also a Compassion Ministry Outreach, reaching the hearts of people with love and companionship, because people need much more than food to live good lives.

We Use Technology & Like-Tools Necessary to Effectively Connect People and Meet the Various Needs of All.

We Offer Churches and Civic Organizations a Much-Needed Structure to Help Those Who

Come To Them With Various Needs, and Also Empower Community Volunteers To Help With That.

Offerings Network Empowers Volunteers to Use Their Time, Talents and Passions to Bless Others.

We Are Teaching People How to Have Fun and Live More Fulfilling Lives, while Blessing Others.

Our Goal Is to Make It Easier to Effectively Meet Needs and to Make a Mighty Difference, Through a Strong Social Network of People and Organizations Designed for Charitable Acts.

We are Providing Solutions to the Current Economic Struggles Through Sharing the Importance of Offerings & Exchange Inside The Community, and Giving People a Way to Coordinate That With Our 4-Fold Program and Mobile App for Charity. We Are Connecting People, Lifting Them Up, and Empowering Them to Work Together to Combat Poverty, Loneliness and Despair. We Also Aim to Strengthen Society as a Whole Through Offering Life Skills Education and Awareness and Helping People Get Out of the Tough Situations They Have Found Themselves In, With The Guidance and Assistance Needed to Get to Where They Would Like to Be..

With Dignity and Love.

Offerings is a Life-Giving Social Network, Assisting All of Humanity, and

Bringing Answers to the Hurting by:

Planting Outreach Groups Everywhere. Connecting People via our Mobile App for Charity. Directing/Connecting/Educating People.


Hitting poverty and social separation head-on by using our Mobile and Web-Based App which connects people who have offerings of time, skills, and resources with people in their community who have various needs.  A powerful tool here!

Encouraging self-growth and social awareness through our Offerings Book and Workbook.  These eye-opening, self-discovery books, followed by our Leadership Guides, inspires a strong, healthy, network of compassionate groups of people, who can assist others in their community. These books address where we are collectively falling short as a society, and help people find their strengths and passions and put them into action. Purpose is a glorious feeling! We also teach the importance of taking better care of  ourselves because we have to be healthy and balanced to be effective!  You can be a blessing to your sphere of influence!

Recruiting and sending out groups that are trained and ready to go reach out to the people in their community who can't get out. Finding those who have no idea where to turn and need us to show up. The dear souls we call, "Shut Ins, Shut Outs, and Shut Downs" .. We want to open those doors and pick those people up and let them know how important they are to us and to God! The elderly, the sick, the lost and seemingly defeated and forgotten. We see you! We know you are there! We are trying to get to you!

No one left behind, if we can help it! We are answered prayer! Keep Praying!!

Connect people with helpful organizations through our Resource Directory. Providing solutions to personal and social struggles on our Offerings Network Website. Provide Lists of Various Volunteer Opportunities all over the world with different organizations so people with a heart to help in specific areas, can search that out and get connected.


Using other powerful tools such as Broadcasting to inspire people to live better lives, and obtain the knowledge they need to do that. This empowers change through awareness, personal connection, and education.

We share all goodness through our various Video and Radio Broadcasts, Blogs, Podcasts and Live Streams!


We provide monetary support where we can for various needs, such as prescription medication, personal items, car repairs, food, gasoline and rent. We direct people to other places in the community that can help, as well.


Offerings is not just for people who are financially challenged, this is for ALL people, through the good times and the bad. Creating friendships. Helping our fellow man through the tough spots in life. Doing what we are called to do by collectively supporting each other because we care! This is for the sake of all good! In this, we will create a healthier society, which means a happier future for all of us! No matter what your financial status, no one needs to be alone in tough times, and no one needs to suffer unnecessarily when there are people everywhere that can be there to lend a hand and a heart!

Working Together Can Bring Peace and Happiness to So Many! So Let's Do This!

We CAN Change The World!

I think we can all agree that there is great despair in the world today and too many needs for the current system

to keep up with. The Offerings Network Team is doing everything we know how, to structure a powerful ongoing system to stop much of this. We are taking the difficult load of the current few workers of compassion, and systematically growing an ARMY OF COMPASSION, kindly helping each other and changing lives, one Offering, one Smile and one Friendship at a time!

We Have Been Given a Vision on How to Help the World Succeed and Bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth!

We Invite You To Become a Part of That Vision. I KNOW We Can Do This Together!

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The Ever Growing Structure Is Powerful:

 • A Mobile and Web-Based App, connecting people with needs, with people who have Offerings to help.

  • A Book, Workbook & Leadersip Guide to help build small groups and empower individuals with a heart for Compassion Outreach.


• A Website and Resource Directory that helps people find local Community Organizations that can assist them.

 • A Guidance and Information Webpage with links, blogs, and videos that encourage healthier, happier living.

• An already established Production Company with upcoming projects, to include video, radio, podcasts, interviews and telethons.

 • A Documentary Series, currently underway, to bring awareness, celebrate triumphs, and fund the community needs.

 • The Outreach Ministry & Missions Field to aid and assist people around the world through the Offerings Network Project.

Furthermore; How Our Network Helps:

~The team at  Offerings Network wants to make it easier for people who need help, and easier on the dear people who want to help others. So, we are connecting people with all kinds of needs, great and small, with other people who want to share their time, skills, and resources. Someone may need something as simple as a ride to an appointment or a car repair. Others may have more serious needs like food or shelter. Some may simply need a babysitter or companionship during a difficult time, or maybe just a friend or a fun activity would be nice! These people would go to our Mobile App or Website, sign into their Offerings Account, and enter their need into the search bar. They would then see a list of people who offer those things in their area, and contact them. It's that simple!

The Offerings Network Mobile App Site also encourages bartering for items and services. This helps global recycling efforts, and provide supplies and or services to people with or without finances. There is concern and talk now-a-days about the possibility of an upcoming economic collapse, and many other changes in our future. Timing unknown of course. Many people are creating alternate currencies, and preparing ways to live sustainably if ever the current system were to take a turn. We believe that Offerings of ourselves, and the old-fashioned bartering system, is a really great idea to start implementing now. This can take care of most all current problems in society, and will sow good seeds and mindsets into the future generation just in case they need a fall back system. We must begin to learn how to work together in our society for the good of all people and the future of our children.

~Our Online System makes it much easier for Community Organizations and Churches to help local people! The Web-Based App and Resource Directory can help organizations find resources for the people who come to them, if they themselves, do not have the necessary provisions to help that person. The sole expectation will no longer fall on that organization alone and the limited resources they may have at that time. Now there will be more individuals from the community to help the people of the community, and a tool at our fingertips to connect them!

~The Resource Directory and Guidance Page offer individuals the tools they need to find all the resources in their area to get out of crisis, stay out of crisis, and prevent future hardships. Listed are non-profit organizations in their area that can help them with immediate needs, financial stability, schooling, job search, medical care, emotional health, and healthy lifestyle connections. The support on our website can be endless. We will continue to update and share blogs, videos, and articles to help with various things that apply to successful living. We know life struggles happen. Answers happen too! Here on this site!


~Churches and people love small groups! It's a place where you can connect with others who have a heart like yours. I have sat in many enjoyable Bible studies and house groups myself! There is an Offerings Book and Workbook that will be used in study groups, and a guide manual to help these groups start an outreach together! The potential and blessings here are limitless! Young and old alike, there is something for everyone to be a part of! There are babies in NICU units that need to be held, prayed over, and sung to. People in care centers that needs a break from staring at the walls all alone for days on end. Children that would love to come to church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, that just need a ride. Reach out to them! Start a ministry and a flow of blessings with Offerings! Then let's send people out into the Missions Field to help all over the world!

~A Red Cross Worker told us that this data base could also be used as a fast and effective tool for disaster relief! This alone is huge!


"We will go city-by-city, state-by-state, then country-by-country setting this up. We will implement strong teams to support the process in each area, and then have telephone and web support from headquarters to help our teams globally. The idea is to pass this on to future generations. They will need it." ~ Offerings GHSN

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Our Concerns at Offerings GHSN:

Community organizations and churches are having a very difficult time meeting all of the needs out there. There just isn't enough to go around. Too many families and individuals are falling through the cracks of the current systems and are in serious desperate times. This affects the individuals and families, which affects the well-being of the community as a whole. If you think about it, the domino effect is astounding and honestly affects all of us.


Children are going to school hungry. Parents are petrified that they will have their family living in a car or a shelter before long. Folks don't have basic food or prescriptions to sustain their health, and even their very lives sometimes. Wrap your brain around the fact that people die because they can not afford their medications, let alone eat healthy food!

If you seriously take a look at social issues such as divorce, crime, drug use, child abuse and health issues, a common denominator in many cases, is stress caused by lack of basic needs. In other words, money issues; Poverty. People are suffering needlessly. Losing everything. Scared. Alone. Hurting. Desperate.

These are people you and I cross paths with every day. These are people YOU and I can help!

There are people everywhere that can turn this around. We are here to facilitate and encourage the process!

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"Just think of all the amazing feats for humanity that could be accomplished if people were given a chance to develop themselves and share their brilliance, rather than just merely survive."
~Kerri Freeman; Founder/CEO of Offerings GHSN



We aim to bring togetherness back, bigger and better than ever, in order to improve the welfare of all people. Social separation and most current cultural habits are not sustainable. "It Takes a Village" is a good mindset we believe needs to return, to repair the things we are all concerned about. We have a big problem on our hands and it is growing at rampant speed. Apathy and Separation are at the root of this problem. When we look away and do nothing, we are harming  humanity, as well as this planet. We have a responsibility to our planet and to each other, and if we want our children to have a fighting chance ahead of them, then we had better get involved and do something big! Our mission is to make it easier to connect the people of "the village", to lessen individual suffering, and to instill better ways to global sustainability and happiness. Let's intentionally inspire healthier communities and pave a golden road to a  better world for our children to be a part of!

Together IS better! It begins inside you and me. It begins with the desire to stop unnecessary pain and strife, and the willingness to

give just a little of ourselves to see good things happen all around us!

Be the Solution! Bless and Be Blessed! Leave Your Beautiful Mark in This World!



We Believe Everyone Has Something Wonderful To Offer and Their Worth Is Great!

There is something here at Offerings for everyone!


We have found that there are many needs, yes, but there are just as many people who want to help others but simply do not know how. Perhaps they do not have money to offer an organization, but they do have a skill, time, or resource that they would like to share. Maybe some folks are uncertain of what they have to offer others of themselves. Sadly, I have met a lot of people who feel useless because of their age, or physical limitations, yet would really like to find something purposeful to do. Purpose is a driving force and keeps us happy! Everyone has a purpose! We enjoy guiding folks in their personal growth and helping them figure out their gifts and what they can do for others, regardless of their seeming limitations!


There are thousands of simple ways to bless others. A phone call, a ride, a yummy meal. Everyone can be a friend, and there are thousands of people just looking for good friends! That is all a part of our Offerings Book & Self-Discovery Workbook! To help people live to their full potential, for the sake of others, overall personal happiness, and the betterment of all!

"Most every person on this planet has something to offer another, and nearly every person will need someone, sometime in their life. Sometimes it takes just one move on someone's behalf, to change the course of another person's life forever!"



"After years of working in ministry and with various humanitarian outreaches, it became obvious that there was one major thing keeping people from getting the emotional, financial, and situational help they needed. Organization.. The other was participation. We have a way to fix this." ~Kerri Freeman; Founder/CEO of Offerings GHSN



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How it Works:

The Social Network connections are made from your Smartphone or PC. You log in and find a "Cheerful Giver" in your community offering their availability to you, for whatever it is that you need help with. You have a need, just log in, search it, and connect! If you have an offering, log-in and post it! This is very much like Facebook or Craigslist, just for charity and friendships!

The eye-opening, community-strengthening book, and self-discovery workbook educates, encourages, and builds people up as individuals in their strengths and abilities. The book opens the eyes and the hearts of the reader, while the workbook promotes personal growth, confidence and purpose-filled direction to go make a difference and feel the joy in helping others!

The Offerings Book,  Workbook, and Leadership Guide is also written to assist, assemble, and prepare teams, inside Community Organizations and Church Groups! This approach is geared to be an outreach to those who may not have access to a computer, know how to use a computer, or are in need, but physically cannot reach out. We want no one left behind!

Offerings Website is a tool to use for Resources, Encouragement and solid Direction for many. Connecting people with others for many healthy, happy purposes. Here you can find Purpose, Hope, and Love!

Offerings GFM People book and
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There Are Many Ways to Get Involved!

Cheerful Givers - Offering Time, Skills, Resources

Donations / Monthly Support / Investors

Computer Techs and Consultants

Organizations Interested in Participating

New Team Members/Volunteers

Administrative Support

Legal Assistance

Grant Writers


Donations to our Thrift Sale & Pantry

Prayer Warriors!

Feel free to share your ideas and

ask any questions at:

We are supportive of ALL Charities and ALL People everywhere.

So, when you support our team at Offerings,

you are supporting EVERYONE and ALL Causes!


Offerings Global Humanitarian Social Network is a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization.

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We are a Jesus-Loving organization and Spirit-led outreach. We will never push our beliefs, however you can expect us to post scriptures from The Holy Bible, as well as other inspirational positive messages.

Our vision is to unite all people together, in LOVE,

for the good of all mankind.

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms."

~1 Peter 4:10

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” ~Mark 10:45

 “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."~Matthew 25:40

"Love Your Neighbor As Yourself." ~Matthew 22:39

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